Gundren Rockseeker

Head of the Three Picks Delving Co, Gundren seeks to reclaim his family's name


Gundren Rockseeker, eldest of the three Rockseeker brothers, is a smith and caravan leader by trade. He has taken over the Three Picks Delving Company and seeks to reclaim both his family name and the rightful place of his company amongst the most notable in the region. He has gone on many expeditions of various success, owns bits and snatches of land here and there but his latest expedition into the mountains known as the Sword and the Spine may be his most lucrative. Or Deadly.


Gurden Rockseeker is eldest of the Rockseeker brothers. He has the heart of an adventurer but the head for commerce. Always ready with a genuine laugh and listening ear, he’s a dwarf’s dwarf.

He and his brothers formed the Three Picks Delving Co. years ago and have parlayed success after ’success into a thriving mining, salavge, and treasure finding operation. Based in Neverwinter, the brothers range far and wide seeking out profit. They often hire eager young adventurers to assist their more ‘exciting’ projects.

He and Mistress Melandriel have been good friends for over fifty years now and she supports his prospecting endeavors when she can.

Gundren Rockseeker

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