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This is the main organizing page for the Danger Corps Adventures. From here you will be able to find links to organizations, locations, items and npcs that the Danger Corp Mercenary company has encountered in it’s travels.


Listed here are the locations known to the Danger Corps Crew.

Port Telrico – A City State on the western edge of the continent and the home of the Danger Corps Mercenary Company.
Phandelin – A Small mining village located west of the Coastal Road along the Triboar Trail.


Listed here are the organizations that the Danger Corps have either encountered or are known to have existing partnerships or rivalries.

Lionshield Trading Company – A Small trade and caravan service that operates a troubled branch out of Phandelin.
The Stormcloaks – A Rival mercenary company also based in Port Telrico.

Important NPCs

Listed here are the important NPCs currently known by the Danger Corps. These NPC’s are also listed in the Character’s section and are tagged by their usual locations.

Port Telrico

  • Mistress Melandriel – Owner and operator of the Danger Corps Mercenary Company
  • Quartermaster Banefield – Quartermaster for the Danger Corps Mercenary Company.
  • Gundren Rockseeker – Dwarven Prospector who has hired the Danger Corps to take his supplies and wagon to the town of Phandelin. Current Status: Unknown.
  • Sildar Hallwinter – Human companion to Gundren Rockseeker. Current Status: Unknown.


  • Toblen Stonehill – Owner and operator of the Stonehill Inn. Married to Trilena Stonehill.
  • Elmar Barthen – Owner and operator of Barthen’s Provisions Trades and Supplies.
  • Linene Graywind – Operator of the Local branch of the Lionshield Trading Company.
  • Elsa the Barmaid – Barmaid, whore and part-time girlfriend of the Redbrands gang.

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