Welcome to Danger Corps!

Listen up, Maggots! If today marks your first day as a member of the illustrious bunch of bastards known as the Danger Corps then congratulations! You’ve survived our meager training and are prepared for your first step into a new world! If you’ve been here before then what the hell are you doing? Go to Quartermaster Banefield and turn in your equipment requisitions and get the hell out of my site! Mistress Melandriel will not allow your sloth to ruin the name of this illustrious hall! GIT!

Now, we’ve taken the time to teach and train you, you would not be remiss in noting that there are few rules to being a member of the Danger Corps in good standing. These are simple rules that even a simpleton could follow and helps to make the Corps a harmonious place of directed violence and selective skullduggery.

  1. We get the jobs, you do the jobs. You come back and we pay you your wages.
  1. The guild claims off top 20% of all treasure, art, jewelry and coin that is discovered, obtained, stolen, purloined, or otherwise achieved during the job. This is to cover the costs of insurance and to keep the Guild in good standing with the City.
  1. Any artifacts or powerful magical implements must be turned into the guild for guild storage and approval. Usage of these artifacts and implements is by Guild Approval only.
  1. After being in good standing with the guild for at least one full year, you will receive nominal insurance for dismemberment, disembowelment and death. Two full years will give you insurance against disintegration, baleful transmutations and necromantic turnings as well as extra-planar banishment. Exceptions include but are not limited to God and Demi-god interference and prior Guild commitments.
  1. Salary for all guild members shall be no more or less than 40gp per month, minus the standard services the guild offers, which totals 15 gp per month. As long as a Guild Member is in good standing they will be offered all the services of the Guild that they have earned. These services include but are not limited to:
    – Room & board
    – Health and healing services
    – Equipment rental and repair services
    – Legal Counsel provided by our resident barrister, Eskar Fouts

That’s it then. Madame Wainsworth will see to your assignments and give you the requisition orders for your gear. Good luck and may the Gods have mercy on the souls of any who stand in your way.


Danger Corps!

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