Danger Corps!

You Must Gather Your Party Before Venturing Forth!

Or how a band of heroes were almost felled by Goblin arrows!

The Job – Walking Supplies
On a warm late summer day, leader of the aptly named C-Team for the Danger Corps Mercenary Company was assigned a job by Quartermaster Banefield to bring a wagon load of supplies to the small mining town of Phandalin for Gundren Rockseeker, the prospector for the pay of 20gp each. As Gundren is a close personal friend of Mistress Melandriel, the team was sent without delay to follow close behind Gundren and Sildar (his companion) on the trail south of Port Telrico and then west, towards the Spine Mountains and Phandalin.

Ambushed by Goblin Sharpshooters!
Our stalwart heroes travelled with Gundren’s Supplies south along the Coastal Road before heading west along the Triboar Trail, heading into the lowlands and the mountains and their goal of Phandalin.

All was well, their travel light until they ran into what appeared to be the dead horses of Gundren and his companion, peppered with black feathered arrows. When Mac Murchadch and Jujuby the Bard approached to investigate the blockage in the road, they were suddenly under fire from both sides. A goblin ambush had waylaid our hapless champions! Before you could yell ‘ALARUM!’ Mac was felled by arrows, the rogue Daedalus was hamstrung and left for dead in the bushes and the Goblin forces were on the march.

Jujuby and his quick thinking cast a spell to make the walls of the ravine echo with the sounds of rampaging goblins which caused a few of them to flee, while Evendur’s healing touch and Traxom’s cures were enough to revive Mac. Immediately the tide was turned as Mac took the fight to the foolish Goblins, wakening to a terrible rage which shook the very ground.

After a quick chase and violent end, the heroes, bloodied and tired, proved victorious. They gathered themselves as best they could and continued down the road towards the town of Phandalin.

Phandalin and the Unmaking of Men
As night fell in the land, our wounded heroes limped into the town of Phandalin to deliver the Gundren’s supplies to Barthen’s Provisions, where Elmar Barthen paid them each 20gp as was agreed but also informed them that a group called the Redbrand had moved into the town and were harassing the citizens, shaking down normal folk and in some cases kidnapping people who stood up to their crooked rules.

The group then retired to the Stonehill Inn where Jujuby entertained the crowd with his music and dancing, Daedalus surveyed two shady fellows scoping his party and Mac displayed his exhibitionist tendencies to the bar patrons. After a quick scuffle that involved Mac subduing a disguised Redbrand in singular fashion, our heroes learned that the Redbrands, operate out of the old Manor house on the hill East of town, they are led by a man nicknamed Glasstaff and their group was hired by someone called the Black Spider to harass members of the town.

While our resolute heroes desire to rid the town of the scourge of the Redbrand, they felt they had a duty to ascertain the fate of Gudrun and his companion so they headed back out to the site of the Goblin Ambush, with a desire for revenge in their hearts.

Gobbos Gobbos time to play!
Daedalus had discovered a rabbit run leading from the ambush site northwest into the woods. Following this (and dodging a few clumsy traps left by the Goblins) our intrepid heroes have come to the opening of a cave, surrounded by thick, nearly impassable brush. A small stream trickles out of the mouth of the cave and it looks as if the Goblins have been very active in the area. Will the heroes charge in to meet a bitter fate or will caution prevail? Tune in next time to…



Benticore Benticore

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