Danger Corps!

A Masterful plan executed flawlessly

OR When a half elf drops it like its hot...

The Sleeping Giant Tap House

As the sun began to set on Phandalin, Jujuby, Bard and musician extraordinaire concoted a cunning plan; to use a sultry, scandalous burlesque show featuring Aurelia Willows to lure the Redbrands into lust-fulled idolatry, whereby the rest of our stalwart heroes could put them down at ease.


Having drafted plans of the tap house for the rest of the crew, the stage was set, and soon the music began (supplied by Jujuby’s honeyed voice and sharp castanets) driving the Redbrands to heights of lust fueled excitement.

After an alluring exhibition involving both Aurelia and Else, the young woman of ill-repute, our clever heroes sprung nto action, dropping heavy tarps on half the hapless Redbrands and quickly striking down the others with spell and sword and arrow. Before long the majority of the Redbrands in the city were either dead or captured with none of our resilient heroes taking so much as a scratch. Linene of the Lion and Shield Coster agreed to take charge of the captives until they could be transported to Port Telrico for justice (knowing that they’d likely not see justice done in the city).

Triumphant and with the knowledge of the secret entrance into the Redbrands hideout, our heroes immediately set out, looking to press their advantage.

Through the Crevasse, the Eye of Madness

Daedalus, our far-ranging scout was easily able to determine the location of the hidden entrance and soon our stealthy heroes were deep within a cave that opened up into the bottom of the Manor that the RedBrands were using as their hideout.

After convincing a strange, mad creature called a Nothic to keep it’s peace, our diplomatic heroes ventured down a hallway and soon came face to face with a couple crestfallen Redbrands who had missed the evenings festivities. After quickly dispatching the overmatched thieves the group turned their eyes to the trio of Bugbears they’d heard in another room, abusing a pitiful goblin.

Our heroes attacked, Mac standing in front as a hairy, half-naked Bear with a shield and an axe. After a protracted battle in which our tactics-minded friends utilized the doorway to keep the foes from escaping, our heroes bested the brutes and claimed victory. Meanwhile, the further down the hallway, the sounds of burbling and bubbling can be heard from an unexplored door and the Nothic creeps the hallways, curious to see if our Champions will keep their word. Will they finally confront Glasstaff and his wicked magics? Where are the crypts and the missing villagers? What treasure does the Nothic seek to trade?

Find out next time on…



Benticore Benticore

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