Danger Corps!

Breach and Clear - Wizard Removal

Redbrands get their Eviction notice!

Breach and Clear – Wizard Removal
When we last left our dauntless heroes, they were poised outside a door, deep within the Tresendar Manor, current home of the Redbrands. Sharp-eared Daedalus has heard bubbling and other strange sounds on the other side but had not yet opened the door. After a quick debate, they decide to explode into the room violently, hoping to get the drop on whatever might be inside.

Having gathered quickly and quietly outside the door, they barged into what appeared to be a makeshift Alchemists’ lab, with fulminating vials and low burning reagents arranged on a table. They quickly found the hapless Glasstaff who was quite surprised and was dropped before he could call up any serious defense.

As they quickly inspected Glasstaff’s belongings (A note from some nefarious creature known as ‘The Black Spider’) and bound the foolish wizard to turn him into the authorities, the horrific monstrosity known as the Nothic appeared, demanding our dubious heroes hand over the unconscious wizard. When it’s demands were rejected, the infuriated Nothic began using it’s terrible rotting gaze to attack the door that stood between it and the fragile sanity of our stalwart champions.

Unfortunately for the Nothic, our patient pathfinders readied themselves and when the door rotted away, they attacked the vile creature will blade and bow, eliminating the threat with little resistance.

Skellibone Party!

After the discovery of a secret passage leading nowhere and a quick jaunt back down to the Nothic’s vaunted treasure chest (where the party discovered the blade Talon, wielded by the Black Hawk of Tresendar), the party climbed up to the 1st floor storeroom where they discovered the storeroom used by the Redbrands, filled with their ill-gotten plunder. Moving forward, they came upon the Tresendar family crypt, where the long dead scions of that family’s name were laid to rest.

As the foul skeletons arose to fight against our intrusive myrmidons, Aurelia discovered the Redbrands captives, held in cells in an adjoining room. As Traxxom flexed his pious might and his companions followed in his righteous wake, Jujuby and Aurelia quickly disposed of the remaining Redbrands with enchantments and blades.
The crypt cleansed and the captives rescued, our triumphant crew cleaned out the rest of the hideout, discovering Glasstaff’s hidden get-away satchel and headed back to Phandalin.

Let the Party Begin!

Phandelin rejoiced as our courageous stewards of justice returned with the criminal Glasstaff in hand. Sildar quickly discovered to his dismay that Glasstaff was none other than his longtime associate Iarno, who had been sent months ago to the town to help establish order. Vowing to bring Glasstaff to Port Telrico for justice, Sildar still urged the companions to find the whereabouts of Gundren Rockseeker and return him to safety. The Townmaster approached our heroes to offer his congratulations but was accosted by a hostile Evandur who assumed he was part of the plot to keep the town subjugated. After Mirna the Mining Company Owner was also threatened by Evandur, the situation was de-escalated by Sildar and Linene of the Lion and Shield Coster who suggested that they might find out any remaining members of the now defunct Redbrands group by offering amnesty.

While Jujuby and Evandur worked together to build a sort of celebration for the town, the group readied themselves to head out to Old Owl well and Thundertree.

Old Owl Well just aint what it used to be…

Our valiant companions, having rested and rearmed, headed out north from the town, into the woods, to seek out Old Owl Well on the request of a retired adventurer who suspected somebody might be mucking about in the ruins to nefarious ends.
As they traveled, our group was waylaid by a monstrous Owlbear but Mac was able to best the beast, freeing it’s tortured soul from its magic-afflicted body.
At Old Owl Well our compatriots came upon a Necromancer using Zombies to help him excavated around the abandoned and ruined tower remains. Making quick work of the Necromancer and his undead labor force, the party rid the area of the menace and soon reconnected with the three wolves Evandur have rescued from Cragmaw Hideout a few days earlier. These wolves promised to shadow the companions and help in any way they could.

As the group headed out, the ruins of Thundertree loomed in the distance. What happened to the town and it’s people? What unspeakable horrors might our brave heroes face? Will Mac make it through a battle with his pants on? Find out next time on…


Benticore Benticore

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