Rumors and Whispers

Listed below are the locations and contents of rumors and whisperings heard by our heroes as they have journeyed.

Port Telrico

  • “The Stormcloaks have been quiet lately and haven’t taken too many jobs. They must be up to something.” – Quartermaster Banefield


  • Narth, an old farmer: “Sister Garaele, who oversees the Shrine of Luck, recently left town for a few days, then returned wounded and exhausted.”
  • Elsa the Barmaid: “Daran Edermath, the orchard keeper, is a former adventurer. He’s seen all sorts of things and knows even more.”
  • Lanar the Miner: “Orc Raiders have been seen on the western end of the Triboar Trail up in the mountains. The Townmaster is looking for someone to run them off as they’re disrupting trade.”
  • Trilena, the Innkeeper’s wife: “Thel Dendrar, a local woodcarver, stood up to the Redbrands a tenday ago when they came by his shop and leered at his wife. The bastards murdered him in cold blood. Several folk saw it happen. They grabbed his body and now his wife, son and daughter have gone missing too.”
  • Pip, Toblen’s young son: “Qelline Alderleaf’s son Carp said he found a secret tunnel in the woods but Redbrands almost caught him.”
  • Freda, the weaver: “The Redbrands hassle every business in town, except for the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange. They don’t want no trouble with Halia Thornton, who runs it. I say she’s in collusion with them, the bastards!”

What the Redbrands know (Interrogation)

  • The Leader of the Redbrands is a powerful magus known as Glasstaff (because he’s got a Staff made of Glass, Avi!). His chambers on in the western end of Tresendar Manor.
  • Somebody by the name of Black Spider hired the Redbrands to scare off do-gooders and intimidate the locals, shaking them down for money and such. No Idea why. The Black Spider sent some muscle, a couple Bugbears, to reinforce the Redbrands.
  • There is some strange, vile..thing…that guards the lower part of the complex. Some kind of demon eye monster thing. We don’t mess with it but Glasstaff says its under control. Still don’t mess with it.
  • We’ve got a few hostages for ransom near the crypts guarded by some skelebones. Hate those things but they don’t eat the rations or take a turn with the whores so (shrug)…

Rumors and Whispers

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